Separett is used successfully all over the world. We would like to introduce you to the following examples from various countries, from China to Alaska and from Peru to Denmark.

Peru – 2015
A dry toilet for people with scarce resources
Peruvian TV paid attention to the Separett in the month of May. Isabel Medem is active with the product in neighborhoods where resources are scarce. A dry toilet appears to be a solution here, as can be seen in the fragments below:

Fragment 1:

Fragment 2:

Greenland – 2014/2015
A Separett Dry Toilet also works in the cold
The University of Aarhus (Denmark) has built a research station in Northern Greenland last year. Separett Flame toilets are used in the station.

Alaska, USA – 2015
Welcome indoor toilet
In an advertisement, our importer in Alaska mainly emphasizes people with an ‘outhouse’ as a toilet. An odorless, easy to maintain indoor toilet is the ideal solution.

Kopenhagen, Denemarken – 2015
A Separett can be used even in a roof garden
A 600m2 Eco-culture roof is being developed in Copenhagen, Denmark. Growers can make use of the Separett Villa 9000. Besides growers, Danish and foreign guests can also use it, as can guests of the restaurant Stedsans Clean Simple Local.